Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Daisy in Prattville

Well, here we are at the La Quinta. I stay at these places all the time because my dog (who is delightful) can stay with me. This is usually a great experience, and I like these places, but this one is off my list. Usually some employee will hold the Daisy while I grab some breakfast to take back upstairs. Leaving her in the room would result in a LOT of noise...naturally, dogs aren't allowed in the dining area. This morning NOBODY would be nice enough to hold her for me for that short time and I had to tuck her under my arm...while I was getting an egg and some cereal to take upstairs, all hell breaks loose in terms of the very employee who refused to hold her for me telling me I had to get out that the dog wasn't allowed ! I started to simply check out...then it occurred to me that I still need to study for an exam, I have paid for this room until 11 and I'd rather study in here than in my car! So it goes. Well, at least I called their customer service remains to be seen whether that does the slightest bit of good. Anyway, back to the LQ down the road, in future, where they are infinitely more concerned with my comfort and happiness!!!!!
It is important to use a little graciousness, tact and to go out of one's way sometimes with customers. I worked in retailing for many, many years and had a wildly enthusiastic and loyal gang of customers...why? Because I made room in my work and attention for their needs and wants, sometimes even the silly ones. If someone was unhappy about our selection or had come a long way for something we had sold out, I would give them a "promo" recording or even let them select something which I would then pay for out of my own pocket later. It shows, sooner or later..I had sales in my department ("world" music) that would have made a small "family" record store insanely jealous...and my department was pretty esoteric stuff!
Hey, customer service types: a little kindness and friendliness goes a long way! I hope that, if I ever stay at another La Q I might find that going on ( I have in the past) or if I switch to another pet-friendly place, I find a little more of the kind of treatment I used to give to MY customers!

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