Wednesday, March 09, 2005

guitar etc

Actually this blog was to talk about my second adolescence! After a lifetime of frustration at trying to finish my degree, things changed radically for me a year ago and I found I was able to pick up this long-deferred dream in my middle-age. I have also gone back to playing my guitar, which is a great joy. I had had some issues with clinical depression after my last attempt to finish my degree, as a music major, focussing on classical guitar and voice. Then I broke my wrist (I don't recommend "diving" into concrete. It is a very unforgiving substance.) Having rehabilitated from both, that's all I wanted to have back in my life, was my wonderful guitar! Anyway, I am delighted to find that everything is still "there" the reading, the understanding..some of my repertoire. I've found a great teacher and am using the opportunity to go back to the beginning and get rid of some bad technique, so there IS a silver lining here!
Further, I find that small public universities sometimes have it 'way over and above large public or private institutions. Granted, if I wanted to take up my music major again, AUM, where I am now, is NOT the place for it, but I am going for a BLA...then, hopefully, and MLA. The surprises are the quality of teaching and the intelligence of the students...their general curiosity and commitment. I have attended private colleges twice and found no such levels among the student body...mostly inertia and lack of curiosity -the "I have to get this piece of paper so I can get a job" attitude and the "I'm only here because I can't think of anything else to do." and the "they gave me some money to come here since I can't read, now excuse me while I go back to sleep here in my chair."

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