Thursday, March 10, 2005

How to tell you're back in college

Well, if there was any doubt that I am back in school, I gathered up some little friends after an exam and stuffed a VW Beetle...adding Miss Daisy and her "throne" (car seat from we drove off to Panera for chocolate and other food. I was wondering how I would explain this to a cop if we got pulled over when I am old enough to know better, but it was still fun!
Getting some Spring action around here...snowdrops and daffodils blooming, leaves spurting out of long-naked trees and the sure knowledge that I will soon have to start mowing the lawn again. In Alabama, you always have nature trying to take over, so it's a constant stand-off.
Then there is the kudzu.
Several years back, I was poking through a late relative's old house and a lot of his old papers had been dumped on the floor by somebody who had broken in and tried to find valuables. Now, "valuable" depends on your point of view. Among the papers I found letters dated back in the '30's from the USDA and a seed offered kudzu seedlings for sale, and the USDA letter was a bulletin explaining how to plant and cultivate the stuff. I have had them framed and refer to them as "the kudzu papers.' If you are from the South, they are hilarious to the point of bringing tears to your eyes. If you're not, you might not understand why this is so funny.

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