Thursday, March 10, 2005


One thing that goes on when you play classical guitar is that you become obsessed with your nails. The ones on your "playing hand" anyway. The "fretting" fingers get clipped 'way down, anyway, so, short of avoiding cuts and burns, they can take care of themselves. So, after a week of trying to rescue my index finger nail with silk wraps, it finally disappeared, so I am collecting nail-replacement techniques. Next to try is a "wrap" from the nail salon.
So, the AUM campus looks like an armed camp...the White House having requisitioned it for a Bush "town meeting." This could only be considered a "Town meeting" if your town was made up entirely of Republican loyalists (dear God, NO!) since the only way anybody gets into this thing is by procuring tickets from GOP funding groups and short, the fan club. So Bush gets to push his "screw the working classes" policies in front of what looks to the tv cameras like a wildly-enthusiastic group of average citizens.
What can you say about an administration that has managed to keep the minimum wage at a pitiful $5.15 all these years and allows so many jobs to be farmed out to India and other countries where people work for pennies?
As for me, I intend to join the end of the people who have been walking from Selma to Montgomery to mark the anniversary of the original Voting Rights march in 1965! If I hadn't had mid-terms this week, I would have done the whole walk with them.
Daisy was on campus with me today. I walked her through the canopied entrance set up for the grand arrival and tried to persuade her to leave something for Bush to step in, but she wasn't in the mood.