Tuesday, March 22, 2005

New York, New York

Well, back to NYC for the first time since I left (after living there for 14 years - went up for school and stayed, mostly out of inertia) and it has changed very little except that it's cleaner!!!!!
I flew up to hear my favorite operatic baritone, Dmitri Hvorostovsky perform in recital at Carnegie Hall and, all I can say is, boy was it worth the trip!! The plus was getting to meet him afterwards. We did find some other things to do, including the NYCO and catching "Julius Ceasar" in previews. The JC was just astoundingly excellent. I think Denzel Washington is probably one of the greatest actors of his time. He is dong "Brutus" and the performance - well all the performances - is so strong and passionate that we decided after we left that we could not even cope with seeing anything else that day!
After sitting through that wonderful recital, which was mostly Russian repertoire, I have concluded that it's about time to learn the language again. (I did some extension courses after HS, but about all I can still deal with now is the alphabet....and a few phrases picked up from listening to Russian operas over and over. None of these phrases are particularly usefull if you need to find a bathroom or order breakfast.
Great photos at the St Paddy's day parade, though!
Heartbreak downtown. I had not seen the WTC site yet and knew I had to go look at it so that I would really believe it happened...that neighbourhood was my "stomping ground" for so many years and we were all on a "Hey there' basis with the Firefighters nearby...so it was a pesonal loss. We went to Palm Sunday at Trinity church and I told my traveling companion that I just needed a little private moment and walked to the corner of the churchyard where I could see the site and bawled my heart out! I noticed when I got back into the church that my legs had turned to jelly. At least it's over with...I knew it would be hard, and it was. I started crying again when I thanked God that Trinity and St Paul's had been spared! I am so proud of my old parish and the way they ministered to the workers and the displaced.


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