Friday, February 27, 2009

apples and whole foods

Well, it's like this...whenever I "hit" the Apple Store in Birmingham and "Whole Foods" the same day, I inevitably run into some of the same people both places.
Wonder what it is about Mac users? Somebody once did a survey and found that Mac users were more likely to be driving VW Beetles than any other group...this is the old "bugs."
I understand "Earthfare" is scheduled to open a store in Alabama sometime this year? Pretty much a clone of "Whole Foods,"
I wish they'd bring back the bulk bins, though.
Picked up a lot of rice-flour products and some gluten-free pancake mix. We shall see if that helps with the "digestive issues." Just different, at any rate.

Monday, February 23, 2009

the weaving blog

Find it here (copy and paste, or see "my blogs" in the profile section)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Organic fibres

I just placed a new post on the "weave" blog about naturally-coloured cottons. They are grown that way!
My favourite supplier of the spun yarns is Chamomile Connection:
she also has the best selection of other organic yarns I've seen so far, as well as some items such as bags and throws made from the fibres.
For people allergic to the processed stuff, this is a great alternative.
Keep it natural, kids!!!!!
Also, for those of you who don't know this, check out this Selma lady's new farm with sheep, goats etc. She started out doing goat-milk soaps and lotions (available at Mark's Mart and from her directly):
check out her blog as well

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, I guess "other stuff" will come up on this blog. Great day of fossil-hunting! You can have your tyannosaurs and friends....give me botanicals. We went to spoil-piles at strip-mining sites in Bibb County where more than one of us hauled home some small boulders for yard decor! Nice to have pretty rocks with fossils in them, to boot, lying around your garden, pathways etc. We made a quick visit to the coke ovens near Blocton and a final stop at a road-cut for graptolites. As always, it's great just to spend time with the BPS members and I got to give my "handpresso" machine a workout. Good thing I was using decaf ESE pods, otherwise I would have been flying all afternoon. It makes a great little cuppa joe!
Now I have a truck full of rocks to sort out. I also have some very fragile stuff I need to stabilize.
Got hung up on a wire that was sticking out of one of the piles where I was taking the "slide on your butt" method of descending a pile of barely-stable rocks and ripped a small hole in my jeans. Now I am wondering whether I wil be a real child of the 60's and sew a peace-symbol patch over it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Planning, planning

There's nothing like getting the new Park Seed catalogue. I had some real issues with slugs this year. They got after my cauliflower and I think those plants are doomed. Having pets around means that the best stuff for slugs is NOT the best thing to use around the four-footers, so I am hoping the Sevin does the trick. I am still watching that cabbage I planted almost a year ago and that seems to be FINALLY making some "head"-way.
Being a new gardener means huge learning curves, I guess.
I don't know if I am going to try tomatoes again this Spring. I haven't had ONE tomato off my own plants.
Squash, on the other hand - those tried to take over the planet last year! GOOD EATING, though.
I do have some lovely kale and collards. I got a little bit of broccoli out of my plants.
I don't know if I am going to try melons again. They took WEEKS to ripen. Literally. So, I need to either find out what I did wrong, or just forget it.
I will plant eggplant again. I had the loveliest little baby eggplants last year! Also lots of cukes.
I finally turned off the irrigation system, since we are having so much great rain. I might go set it so that the veggies get a good drenching once or twice a week, but, as long as Ma Nature is taking care of it, that saves me about $100 a month!

this is going to have a change of purpose

This blog is going to get devoted to growing things, eating locally and, of course, Daisy's, Abelard's and Nancy's adventures.
New focus!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


weavering is pretty annoying in that they keep saying my blog is listed, but it isn't.
Their English isn't too good, either. Makes one wonder.
anyway, go here
for the weaving blog.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slow food and energy conservation

HO HO good thing I did NOT take the doglettes! I got there to find the only way to park within miles of the place was to use the valet parking! So, there I was in the pick-up, still full or rocks and smeared with red clay. Well, shoot. The dogs would have entertained the "valets" I guess. But, regardless of the chill, as long as the sun is out, that truck cab gets awfully hot.
Fascinating luncheon although a bit short on actual food. Small amount of a thin soup and a little bit of bread. I filed up on the bread and the cookies. The Mayor of Hoover spoke about their programme of converting municipality trash into ethanol. Damn, wish I could get Selma interested in doing this. Having a growing land-fill practically next door gets old.
I have no idea how to rattle the cages around here, but I am going to try.
Pit stop at Whole Foods for eggs and some dog-food. The latter was surprisingly inexpensive, being their "house" brand, and Daisy and Abelard really like it. Guess I will try and stock up next time I am by there.