Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, I guess "other stuff" will come up on this blog. Great day of fossil-hunting! You can have your tyannosaurs and friends....give me botanicals. We went to spoil-piles at strip-mining sites in Bibb County where more than one of us hauled home some small boulders for yard decor! Nice to have pretty rocks with fossils in them, to boot, lying around your garden, pathways etc. We made a quick visit to the coke ovens near Blocton and a final stop at a road-cut for graptolites. As always, it's great just to spend time with the BPS members and I got to give my "handpresso" machine a workout. Good thing I was using decaf ESE pods, otherwise I would have been flying all afternoon. It makes a great little cuppa joe!
Now I have a truck full of rocks to sort out. I also have some very fragile stuff I need to stabilize.
Got hung up on a wire that was sticking out of one of the piles where I was taking the "slide on your butt" method of descending a pile of barely-stable rocks and ripped a small hole in my jeans. Now I am wondering whether I wil be a real child of the 60's and sew a peace-symbol patch over it.

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