Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Slow food and energy conservation

HO HO good thing I did NOT take the doglettes! I got there to find the only way to park within miles of the place was to use the valet parking! So, there I was in the pick-up, still full or rocks and smeared with red clay. Well, shoot. The dogs would have entertained the "valets" I guess. But, regardless of the chill, as long as the sun is out, that truck cab gets awfully hot.
Fascinating luncheon although a bit short on actual food. Small amount of a thin soup and a little bit of bread. I filed up on the bread and the cookies. The Mayor of Hoover spoke about their programme of converting municipality trash into ethanol. Damn, wish I could get Selma interested in doing this. Having a growing land-fill practically next door gets old.
I have no idea how to rattle the cages around here, but I am going to try.
Pit stop at Whole Foods for eggs and some dog-food. The latter was surprisingly inexpensive, being their "house" brand, and Daisy and Abelard really like it. Guess I will try and stock up next time I am by there.

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