Sunday, March 29, 2009

Coping with a sad time

Daisy Dawg and I are on the road home from the weaving conference without our little Abby. Sometime during the night before we were to leave for home, an angel (I'm sure there was an angel) came and took Abelard home to the Rainbow Bridge. I knew something was wrong when the vet at the kennel where they were staying in San Antonio took my arm and patted my hand and asked if I had gotten any of her calls. I had turned the phone off during the conference and I am just as glad I didn't have to hear that on the phone, since there was nothing to be done. He died in his sleep. They were kind enough to call Northside (our vet) and to take care of the cremation and returning his little ashes to his human family later this week. I asked her to donate his little bed to the local shelter.
Whatever part of Abby is still with us is curled up in my heart along with other of my "fur persons" who've gone on without me. I miss him so much.
Daisy was morose for most of the drive yesterday but has perked up. This has helped my own mood considerably.
I am grateful that, as Abby was mistreated and neglected for the first half of his short life, I was able to make the last years a time of love, care, spoiling, cuddles, adventures, security and good food. Thank you. Father, for the gift of Abelard Dawg and help me to give him back to you with grace and peace.
thanks for listening and caring,

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