Tuesday, March 24, 2009


At times I am amazed and moved by how content they are just to be with me. We are tucked up in the kingsized bed at La Q, while I procrastinate on hitting the road. I'm telling myself that I'm waiting for the rush-hour traffic to settle down. Abelard is cuddled up on the left, curled into the curve of my waist and Daisy is draped over my leg, doing a little grooming. They've had their breakfast and we all will have a walk before we go "car car." Daisy was the first dog in my life, and, while I still adore my kitties, I had never realized how companionable a dog would be! Of course, when I was working so much outside of my home, I would not have had time to take care of one properly, and cats are great companions, as well. But, let's face it, they do not, as a rule, like to "go car car." Although, when I was a kid, we had one who did. She also like to play in the sprinklers and used to attack dogs. (and win) neat cat!!!

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