Monday, March 09, 2009

Garden Time

I have my garden about half in. I got out early this morning while it was still cool and started hoeing and pulling weeds. Got my first space dug and went after some plants. Off to Marvin's and the Farm Coop to get tomatoes, cukes, squash, peppers of all kinds, eggplants! Then the herbs: I am going to plant those in the middle.
I think I am going to give up on the cabbage family. I have had NO luck with any of them. The Brussels Sprouts have yet to become anything but decorative bunches of leaves, the cauliflowers only produced 2 "flowers" and they get about an inch across and start rotting. The broccoli "flowered" before it every produced any edible heads, etc etc etc. So, back to the produce dept for THOSE.
I still want to get some straight-necked squashes, since I like those better than the crooknecks. I am going to grow extras so I can take some to the hot-lunch centre here run by the Edmundite missioners. I would hope that anybody who has the extra space in their home gardens to grow some fresh veggies for programmes like this would do so. It's nice for these folks to have the occasional fresh items and it is something we can easily do.
I might put in some potatoes. We had pretty good luck with those last year.
My onions are coming along, as are the leeks.
I need to get this done so I can take off for Texas at the end of the month without any tasks left "hanging." I got started a little late last year, so it's good to be getting going NOW. Hopefully, we are done with freezes for the season. I do cross my fingers, since March in Alabama, even April can be a tad unpredictable. I am not tossing out my frost covers YET.
I guess I might put in some cantaloupes. They were "iffy" last year, although I had a few nice ones.
Pictures to come.

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Rambling Round said...

Sounds so good! Can't wait to see your garden pictures.

We are figuring on another frost or two, so our "garden" (patch) isn't planted yet. What do you use for frost covers?