Friday, March 06, 2009

gluten out

Well, I have gone through the cabinets, fridge and freezer, evicting the gluten-containing. Friends are lucking out. I gave my yard guy a big box of stuff from the freezer. Joanie is getting all my Jenny Craig stuff, friends Dusty and Peggy "inherited" the flour.
I am, however discovering wonderful stuff, and used potato starch tonight to thicken my pot roast gravy. Wow!
One thing about cleaning out the freezer is that the pot roast wasn't the only thing I had forgotten I had down there at the bottom of the freezer. There were also a couple of London broils, some chicken breasts, steaks...all anti-biotic and hormone free stuff, so I am glad I found it all before it went bad. Yes, Virginia, meat CAN spoil in the freezer...just takes longer.
The pot roast cooked up deliciously.
One big trick is keeping up with fibre. I've started drinking soy milk because there's some fiber in it, and I like it, too, so there.
Had some wonderful gluten-free granola from "Bakery on Main." Delish.
I can't wait for the next time my dr. checks my iron levels! My dry skin has already gone away and I've only been doing this regime for a week. that was fast!
Somebody in the online support group suggests backing off raw veggies for a bit. This makes sense, since my gut is going to take a while to heal. Still, food doesn't 'hurt" the way it did a couple of weeks ago, and much less indigestion, not to mention the "other stuff."

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