Tuesday, March 24, 2009

La Quinta

Overnight at a La Quinta in Metairie, LA. Guess I should have done Lafayette, since it's closer, but I wanted to be near a Whole Foods, just in case I found I had forgotten something crucial. Not, but, I'm new at this.
La Quintas are great for me, since I often travel with my little dogs and Daisy and Abelard are welcome. They also have some good choices for breakfast. There was a bowl full of hard-boiled eggs, fruit, cream cheese. I think I need to pick up a toaster, though.
I have a cooler that plugs into the car outlet and will run "cool" or "hot" and does a terrific job, so I have my munchies that need keeping cool in there....some brie, yoghurts etc, so I can dodge any nasty surprises. Nice to be able to travel with your own "fridge!"
Long leg today....8 hours + to San Antonio.

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