Wednesday, March 18, 2009

not quite Gluten...but

If you are as much of a coffee addict as I, well, you will "get" this one! I finally got fed up with my "Senseo" leaking water all over the counter two or three times a week and chucked it. I have a "MrCoffee" pod machine somebody gave me, but it sucks worse than making coffee with muddy water out of a plastic cup. SO I ordered the "Cuisinart" from Amazon. Not expensive and it's a brand-name I do trust, so we shall see. I'd not have bothered, but I have this HUGE collection of pods. When you live away from easy access to things, and bulk is cheaper, anyway you tend to stock up on stuff you use frequently, so I had ordered a case (6 bags ea) of the the decaf, the Kenya and the Cappucino E-pods, and needed a brewer compatible with those.
Of course, my favourite coffee gadgets is STILL the "handpresso" and I look forward to having it along on my trip to Texas next week. (NEXT WEEK! OMYGAWD!)
Even though, since I gave up on Gluten, my cravings have backed down, I still enjoy the taste of a good cuppa!!!

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