Thursday, July 30, 2009


I start getting "Proms" fever about this time of year. For anybody scratching their head, it's the world's most wonderful classical-music festival, held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, sponsored by the BBC. I fell in love with the "Proms" in 2004 and have been making it an annual thing. Wish I could go for the whole two months, but, there ARE other things in life and I can't leave the home and the critters that long!!!
So, my bags are GETTING packed, I've got my reservations.......we stay in the dorms at Imperial College, right behind the Albert Hall, making it convenient to the concerts, esp "Last Night" when you need to run home and change into glad-rags.
2005, I discovered "Promming" which refers to standing in the arena and is where all the fun starts, so we (me and whoever comes along) have been doing that ever since. I've made some nice friends promming. Took one of my "giggle of girls" along last year, Liz, and I think I planted the seeds of an opera fan. It's such fun to show the kids London...I get to see it all "for the first time all over again!"
Here's a movie from 2008 of a local choir letting us all practice "Jerusalem" and warm up for "Last Night of the Proms!"

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