Saturday, March 14, 2009

shoulda known

Well, no more communion wafers for me, unless I can persuade my church to bring in GF wafers. One other member has full-blown Celiac, so maybe they will bend. I guess that would mean the two of us had better show our faces at the communion rail whenever it's "open for business."
I took one yesterday, at a funeral Eucharist and hadn't been back in my pew five minutes before I felt like something was drilling a hole in my stomach. I was "queezy" all afternoon and did not sleep well. Such a little bit and all that reaction.
Ok, I GET IT!!!!!
Gee, you'd think God would give a person a pass on COMMUNION WAFERS! Oh well, "sorry, I'm just having the wine" from now on.
Had one of the Kinnikinnick Hot Cross Buns for breakfast. A tad sweet, but otherwise yummy. Lots of dried fruit tucked inside!
I guess I need to pluck up my courage and try some yeast baking!!!!

I ought to mention that I'm it has been suggested that I bring along a rice cracker. We aren't so hyper about transubstantiation, although some HIGH anglicans get their knickers in a twist about it...among other things. Oh well, they're fun to have around.

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Cheryl in Colorado said...

You didn't say, but I'm assuming you go to a Catholic church? I know they do make low gluten wafers, but according to the church, it has to contain wheat in order to be Christ's body.

I go to a non-denominational church and we have communion each week. My celiac dh just doesn't take the cracker. I know God understands since he made my husband a celiac in the first place.