Sunday, March 22, 2009

traveling Gluten-free

SO much to do before I can leave. Reservations are all in order and plans to blog the workshop on "Alabamaweaver" etc. I went to Publix in Montgomery and picked up some "Amy's Kitchen" entrees to take along and am going to make a tuna salad to pack in the cooler. Today I need to finish laundry, get some more weaving done and clean out and pack the Honda. Wish I could take "Moby Truck" but I guess the Honda is more economic for a long trip. plus more space for the doglettes. They have a reservation in San A for a "bed and biscuit" while Mom does the Hilton. Doesn't seem fair, does it? So, food and water for "Mom" and food and water for the doglettes, update the iPod, check the "don't forget" list and maybe get out of here around noon tomorrow. Staying overnight in Metairie, LA. OUTSIDE New Orleans. whew..down the street from a Whole Foods in case I need anything, so, outta here tomorrow!

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