Sunday, April 26, 2009

Perfect eggs

There was some tabloid crap a while ago about Prince Charles being terribly picky about his soft-boiled eggs. (Oh, COME ON!!!! The guy has a professional chef. ) Well, it WAS a slow-news reality stars dying, nobody caught in somebody else's bed or UFO sightings). In any case, should anybody be having issues along this line, I would recommend my little egg-cooker. It's a Krups and makes either two PERFECT poached eggs or up to 7 soft-boiled. Different hardness settings are available and the product is, well, perfect. I also tend to over-cook hard-boiled eggs, so this is a great gadget to save me from that, as well. I guess other brands are equally good, but I have a lot of confidence in Krups' products.
I own up to reading the London Daily Mail for my daily hard laugh.
It's like real-life as satire.
But, back to the can sort of set them and forget them until the little buzzer goes will also switch over to "warm" while you get the toast buttered and save the bacon from burning.
Great way for the those of us who are groggy until the second cuppa to have a misery-free breakfast.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The things that come with doglettes

My house is littered with dried bull penises. No joke. I had never heard of such a thing until I went to order a fresh supply of "bully sticks" to replace the ones Lynn sent along with Cedric.
After I muttered, "Oh," when I read the description of what they are, I ordered a good supply, I mean, what the heck. They both love these things. But Daisy likes to have supplies all over the house so she never has to go far for a nosh.
Good for their teeth.
Bull penises, eh? Who'd a thunk it.
Waste not, want not.

Thanks for the grub

I've been reading "The Year of Living Biblically" which is an account of a man's year of trying to live every, EVERY, rule in the Bible to the letter, as far as possible. Full of insight and some good laughs, but I have been thinking about his following the injunction to pray AFTER eating. You thank God for the food as well as providing the earth to grow it etc. Working in my garden has me thinking about this. So, I have been trying to pray AFTER my meals and give particular thanks for my own little plot of dirt.
I have gotten quite a lot of food for thought out of this book, especially as concerns prayer, controlling anger and owning up to your sins, especially the small ones.
Don't think I'm going to have my clothes checked for mixed fibres, though.
If not for my love for Christ, I'd be a Jew. I love Judaism After attending High Holy Days here, I ordered a Union Prayer Book and enjoy using it to pray and meditate. There is so much in Judaism that encourages a life of holiness and letting your faith and tradition inform your daily living.
Wish more Xians would get into, too! But I AM struggling with it!

Gluten-free quiche

Easy enough on this one! You just make a crust out of potatoes! This whole GF thing is turning out to be a pretty interesting adventure. They have a spinach-and-artichoke quiche on the menu at "Major Grumbles," a local restaurant, so I thought that would be fun to make for the "girls" when they came over for our monthly book/photos/catch-up get-together. Worked great. OF course, eggs and potatoes go so well together, anyway.
I am going to take a deep breath and try my own bread this week. It has to be better than the ready-made stuff on the market. For some reason, the minute a manufacturer has to leave something OUT of a product, they make it twice as SWEET. I cannot figure this out. It applies in spades to low-fat concoctions and, to a large degree to the GF products. I bought some croutons, olive-oil and garlic, and they tasted like garlicky cake. Gross. Just what is the thinking behind this? The bread is the same deal...too sweet to make great toast or sandwiches. Very dense and chewy as well. SO, a little experimenting is in order. I'm going to try some of the suggestions from my support-group and see how it goes.
I should have taken a picture of the quiche. Maybe next time.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Deep Ca-ca

Yeah, that's what it is. I get to do the "smelly bits" today. Daisy, who loves to roll in that kind of stuff will probably have to be physically restrained as I add compost, consisting mostly of cow manure.
Oh well, I'm covering it up with straw.
And, if I don't get my butt out of this bed and go get it done, it will be too warm
Can't believe we are back to "hot" after the chills of last week!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inside Daisy's brain

Doglette psychology, 101. In the past, Daisy has shown NO interest in these two, at least, items:
cottage cheese
Now, Cedric thinks these are the breakfast or snacks of choice. The first time Daisy saw Cedric noshing on the Cheerios, she HAD to have some and now nibbles it whenever I offer. Ditto the cottage cheese. I had filled her bowl up with perfectly good "Little Champions" chicken and yet she sat, dejected, by C while he ate his cottage cheese, then finished it off when he walked away, all the time giving me a look that just screamed "you are so unfair to me! You give that hairy little dog the good stuff!"
Miranda cat got away with a good portion of the chicken while Daisy was holding her pity-party over the cottage-cheese issue! I guess she got enough breakfast in the end. She always has a big bowl of her favourite dry snack sitting there, anyway.
Paging the Dog Whisperer!!!

Eau de Melisse

Etienne Decroux's wife was very much the "earthy" type, which is probably exactly who and what he needed!!! She took the health and well-being of the students quite seriously and decided I was "fragile." SHe might have been the only person on earth who ever viewed me as "fragile." I did get headaches a lot, and colds and her favourite remedy was a tincture called "eau de melisse de Carmes." Good old Lemon Balm. For quite some time I had had to order my favourite home-remedy from specialized pharmacies or make a trek to some health-food store. Last year I planted my own and have a great crop. SO, I am going to make my own tincture this week! Thanks to this great blog, I have good, simple instructions, so, off to the races!
If you have trouble sleeping, headaches, cold or flu, etc, this is a wonderful little remedy to have around. Check out her blog, as well as these sites for more:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God's good earth.

It has been a while since I completely lost track of time! I went out early this morning to take advantage of the cooler hours for some gardening. I had started digging, weeding and shoring up my plants when some clouds came up and I thought, great, I can stay out here for a while longer....a "while longer" seems to have turned into the better part of the day. I came in for a lunch break and it was after 1 pm. Since I started well before 9, then I was out there at least 4 hours. Sure didn't seem so. Nice.
My goal is to get the garden "tended" so that I don't have to worry so much about the weeds and all while I'm dealing with art camp matters. I got the strawberries "strawed" with leftover straw from last year, so the berries won't hit the ground and rot. I assume that's why you do that.
One thing about weeding and digging on your hands and knees is that you see more. I saw tiny stringbeans starting on my bean plants, the garden toad, (hope he finds his new house I bought him) tiny signs of other veggies starting to happen. I am going to have LOADS of squash...plenty to share! I think I will have fresh eggplant for supper within a week or so! Yum.
I need to get some netting to put over my peaches so the birds don't get them first! Looks like I am going to have about 6 peaches, which is not bad for the first year. No pears this year, apparently, but the pear trees are healthy, anyway, One of them is already pretty big. Can't wait to see how big it is this time next year. I am going to have a shady little lane there in a couple or three years from now! One the trees are big enough for that, I think I will put a little folly or something in among them.
Gonna have some blueberries, soon, too!
God is so good to me. I don't know why, byt S/He is! I look around and feel so blessed!

Monday, April 20, 2009

choppers and beauty

The Butterfly dog had his teeth cleaned today and did extractions! He now has white little snappers and sweet breah. Since it was a chance for both of them to have beauty treatments, I also checked The Daisy in for a shampoo, blow-dry and manicure. Which is to say, she had a bath and got her nails clipped.
Odd not to have the doglettes underfoot. I had to leave them there until time to pick up a somewhat groggy Cedric. He had his pain/antibiotics evening dose a while ago and is being very, very mellow right now. Since I just dragged out my codeine compound, we're both kind of mellow, I guess.

Friday, April 17, 2009

garden duty and cooking and pups

Well, gotta stop treating myself like Marguerite Gautier on a bad day and get my garden tended. It needs weeding and mulching. The strawberries need, um, straw.
The new pup is settling in nicely! SO FAR Daisy hasn't tried to attack him and even went and sort of cuddled up beside him while I was running the vacuum today. Excellent.
He is still telling off the cats, but with less conviction.
I also must try making some of my own bread. One thing I find I DON'T like about too many of the GF bread-type items - bread, crackers, etc, is that they are a tad too sweet. If I make up my own bread perhaps I can go back to enjoying toast.
Spent a bit of money today to order a new hooked rug for my bedroom and a big, square chaise lounge for the deck. Looks more like a futon platform and the backs fold up separately. It will be wonderful for working outdoors. I can spread my papers and pencils and computer etc out and enjoy the Spring weather. I also ordered a hammock.
Another squash plant arrived. I think I am going to have to re-learn freezing and pickling.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Daisy butts in

Hey, this IS MY BLOG after all!!!
The neatest little kid came over to splash in Mom's pool. I would never get NEAR that nasty wet stuff, myself. Thank heaven she keeps it covered if nobody is in there swimming.....but they must be out of their minds to get IN the stuff.
Anyway, one of my favourite species, a KID, came over and I had a great time. He's "Mom's" BFF's first grandson, Malo. He's 2 1/2...real smart kid! Good taste in dogs!!!!

leftovers salad

Well, the Deacon and I hit the local hotel for lunch and the "chef's salad" was so huge that I am about to eat leftovers from it for the third time! I figured I'd boil up some rice pasta and make a ham salad (they use that nasty little diced ham, but it's great for ham salad!).

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

GF "find of the day"

VAN'S WAFFLES! I picked these up at Fresh Market in Montgomery, Al. Scrumptious. I'm having them with local raw honey (supposed to be helpful for local pollen allergies. Don't know about that, but it's real tasty!)