Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eau de Melisse

Etienne Decroux's wife was very much the "earthy" type, which is probably exactly who and what he needed!!! She took the health and well-being of the students quite seriously and decided I was "fragile." SHe might have been the only person on earth who ever viewed me as "fragile." I did get headaches a lot, and colds and her favourite remedy was a tincture called "eau de melisse de Carmes." Good old Lemon Balm. For quite some time I had had to order my favourite home-remedy from specialized pharmacies or make a trek to some health-food store. Last year I planted my own and have a great crop. SO, I am going to make my own tincture this week! Thanks to this great blog, I have good, simple instructions, so, off to the races!
If you have trouble sleeping, headaches, cold or flu, etc, this is a wonderful little remedy to have around. Check out her blog, as well as these sites for more:

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