Friday, April 17, 2009

garden duty and cooking and pups

Well, gotta stop treating myself like Marguerite Gautier on a bad day and get my garden tended. It needs weeding and mulching. The strawberries need, um, straw.
The new pup is settling in nicely! SO FAR Daisy hasn't tried to attack him and even went and sort of cuddled up beside him while I was running the vacuum today. Excellent.
He is still telling off the cats, but with less conviction.
I also must try making some of my own bread. One thing I find I DON'T like about too many of the GF bread-type items - bread, crackers, etc, is that they are a tad too sweet. If I make up my own bread perhaps I can go back to enjoying toast.
Spent a bit of money today to order a new hooked rug for my bedroom and a big, square chaise lounge for the deck. Looks more like a futon platform and the backs fold up separately. It will be wonderful for working outdoors. I can spread my papers and pencils and computer etc out and enjoy the Spring weather. I also ordered a hammock.
Another squash plant arrived. I think I am going to have to re-learn freezing and pickling.

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