Tuesday, April 21, 2009

God's good earth.

It has been a while since I completely lost track of time! I went out early this morning to take advantage of the cooler hours for some gardening. I had started digging, weeding and shoring up my plants when some clouds came up and I thought, great, I can stay out here for a while longer....a "while longer" seems to have turned into the better part of the day. I came in for a lunch break and it was after 1 pm. Since I started well before 9, then I was out there at least 4 hours. Sure didn't seem so. Nice.
My goal is to get the garden "tended" so that I don't have to worry so much about the weeds and all while I'm dealing with art camp matters. I got the strawberries "strawed" with leftover straw from last year, so the berries won't hit the ground and rot. I assume that's why you do that.
One thing about weeding and digging on your hands and knees is that you see more. I saw tiny stringbeans starting on my bean plants, the garden toad, (hope he finds his new house I bought him) tiny signs of other veggies starting to happen. I am going to have LOADS of squash...plenty to share! I think I will have fresh eggplant for supper within a week or so! Yum.
I need to get some netting to put over my peaches so the birds don't get them first! Looks like I am going to have about 6 peaches, which is not bad for the first year. No pears this year, apparently, but the pear trees are healthy, anyway, One of them is already pretty big. Can't wait to see how big it is this time next year. I am going to have a shady little lane there in a couple or three years from now! One the trees are big enough for that, I think I will put a little folly or something in among them.
Gonna have some blueberries, soon, too!
God is so good to me. I don't know why, byt S/He is! I look around and feel so blessed!

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