Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Inside Daisy's brain

Doglette psychology, 101. In the past, Daisy has shown NO interest in these two, at least, items:
cottage cheese
Now, Cedric thinks these are the breakfast or snacks of choice. The first time Daisy saw Cedric noshing on the Cheerios, she HAD to have some and now nibbles it whenever I offer. Ditto the cottage cheese. I had filled her bowl up with perfectly good "Little Champions" chicken and yet she sat, dejected, by C while he ate his cottage cheese, then finished it off when he walked away, all the time giving me a look that just screamed "you are so unfair to me! You give that hairy little dog the good stuff!"
Miranda cat got away with a good portion of the chicken while Daisy was holding her pity-party over the cottage-cheese issue! I guess she got enough breakfast in the end. She always has a big bowl of her favourite dry snack sitting there, anyway.
Paging the Dog Whisperer!!!

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