Sunday, April 26, 2009

Perfect eggs

There was some tabloid crap a while ago about Prince Charles being terribly picky about his soft-boiled eggs. (Oh, COME ON!!!! The guy has a professional chef. ) Well, it WAS a slow-news reality stars dying, nobody caught in somebody else's bed or UFO sightings). In any case, should anybody be having issues along this line, I would recommend my little egg-cooker. It's a Krups and makes either two PERFECT poached eggs or up to 7 soft-boiled. Different hardness settings are available and the product is, well, perfect. I also tend to over-cook hard-boiled eggs, so this is a great gadget to save me from that, as well. I guess other brands are equally good, but I have a lot of confidence in Krups' products.
I own up to reading the London Daily Mail for my daily hard laugh.
It's like real-life as satire.
But, back to the can sort of set them and forget them until the little buzzer goes will also switch over to "warm" while you get the toast buttered and save the bacon from burning.
Great way for the those of us who are groggy until the second cuppa to have a misery-free breakfast.

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