Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thanks for the grub

I've been reading "The Year of Living Biblically" which is an account of a man's year of trying to live every, EVERY, rule in the Bible to the letter, as far as possible. Full of insight and some good laughs, but I have been thinking about his following the injunction to pray AFTER eating. You thank God for the food as well as providing the earth to grow it etc. Working in my garden has me thinking about this. So, I have been trying to pray AFTER my meals and give particular thanks for my own little plot of dirt.
I have gotten quite a lot of food for thought out of this book, especially as concerns prayer, controlling anger and owning up to your sins, especially the small ones.
Don't think I'm going to have my clothes checked for mixed fibres, though.
If not for my love for Christ, I'd be a Jew. I love Judaism After attending High Holy Days here, I ordered a Union Prayer Book and enjoy using it to pray and meditate. There is so much in Judaism that encourages a life of holiness and letting your faith and tradition inform your daily living.
Wish more Xians would get into, too! But I AM struggling with it!

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