Monday, May 18, 2009

Gardening and thinking

I took advantage of the cool snap to get out there and do some more weeding, mulching, staking etc. I was thinking about all those organic gardeners who assure us that, if your plants are healthy, tended regularly and given the nutrition and water that they need, then attacks by insects and diseases will be minimized, if not eliminated. I was comparing this year's garden, which reflects all I learned last year about the above nurturing and noting how healthy everything is. Last year was real hit-or-miss.
It occurred to me that the care of our souls is no different. If we tend ourselves (I am of the opinion that we don't "HAVE" a soul, we ARE a soul, we "Have" a body) regularly, feeding ourselves with the good "food and water" of worship, reflection, and study, then we flourish, we resist the attacks of predators and we produce good fruits.
Now, about those moles........I am working on a metaphor for THEM. In the meantime, back to the big ammo!!!
The potatoes are finally coming up, so I am back to humming "leek-and-potato soup!" I put them up on a little hill that was made by dumping some of the better-looking soil that came out of the swimming-pool hole, so perhaps the moles will miss them.
I have a moral dilemma out there, getting bigger every day. I had thought it would be good to offer the "first fruits" to God by donating an armful of squash to the Bosco center, per a suggestion by my friend who works with the Edmundite missioners, who run that hot-meal programme. Well, so far, only ONE squash almost ready to pick. So, here it goes: shall I go ahead and eat that one myself and await the several that are going to be ready in a couple of weeks? I mean, what can they do with ONE SQUASH? It would seem kind of puny. I guess God will cope with my not hanging on to the letter or the law and getting them a decent basket-load instead of showing up, looking at the hundred-or-so folks in line for lunch and saying "Hi, I brought you a squash."

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