Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh, yeah, the gluten

Well, back to the gluten-free thing.
Winn-Dixie, which is the only decent grocer we have in town, just added a small section of GF foods! Wow! It features a lot of the "Red Mill" flours and mixes as well as the delicious rice-and-nut crackers!
Kudos, W-D!!! This saves me a LOT of trips to Birmingham and ordering online. Given that the selections there are kind of limited to basics, there will still be some of this, but less, since the "basics" are what you run out of quickly.
I have ordered a "breading" mix, having run through my own ideas for fried-chicken dredge, with mixed results.
I made a tuna casserole with "Mrs. Leeper's" version of "tuna helper." Very, very nice. I did add onions and mushrooms which, I am sure improved it no end. Since this is the first time I've made it, I can just imagine how it would be without, which I guess is ok, but onions improve anything (except dessert (-;).
I am still not thrilled with ANY of the breads I've tried..they all tend to crumble. The "Grainless Baker" breads, however, are quite good when toasted, which the others have NOT been, so , for other things I will just stick to my lettuce-wrapped "sandwiches."
Getting fibre in is still a challenge! I am trying to eat more fruit and having a veggie at every meal.
Nice that that old standby, corned-beef hash, is still on the menu! Nice for breakfast with an egg on top. Classic!

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