Sunday, May 03, 2009

What's in the garden?

How does my garden grow?
Yellow squash, tomatoes...three varieties, several varieties of peppers, okra, onions, Ichiban eggplants and one larger variety (I forget which), kale, cucumbers, collards, string-beans, cantaloupes, and little red potatoes, basil, parsley-sage-rosemary-and-thyme, lemon balm, strawberries and leeks. I am going to try to get some sugar-snap peas in, hopefully, it won't be too late in the season, and some lettuce that Burpee claims I can still plant. I am going to put some of that into the aerogarden as well. I had some of the last of my Fall lettuce last night in a salad and it was SO good.
Won't plant collards again. I forgot that I don't really like them that much. ditto the kale.
Maybe next year I will try Belgian endive. It's a fussy thing to grow, but it's so hard to get it here in Selma.
I need to let the garden rest over the winter, so, anything I grow over that season will have to be in the greenhouse, sitting in boxes right now in the "barn." I might set it up on the deck so I will have a warm, sweet-smelling place to sit "outside" during the colder months. Actually, I have been mulling over putting it up and trying to grow some tropical maybe a little avocado tree, lemons, or something.

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