Monday, June 29, 2009

Where is our blogger?

One of the participants in the
"City Daily Photo" collection of bloggers, "A." has gone missing in Tehran. This blog is joining in the "Where is our blogger?" day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

North Alabama Sacred Harp Convention 2009

One of the best experiences on earth is to join in with a Sacred Harp singing. The National Convention every year in Birmingham is a little taste of heaven. REALLY! Although it has become more of a recreation, and welcomes singers of all backgrounds, (I spotted a couple of yarmulkes in this year's crowd, and once had dinner with a self-described "secular, buddhist, agnostic") it is still one of the most spiritually uplifting events of MY yeaar. I've missed a few years but, after getting back into this delightful musical swim, I plan to only allow a mega-disaster to keep me from future sings. Some friends and I are going to try and get a group together to sing locally once a month.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marshmallow treats

I love Rice Crispies treats, and the originals aren't safe in terms of cross-contamination, so, I
just had to make my own! I used my GF rice cereal and they were great. Then the light-bulb went on! I used some of my "Bakery on Main" granola and my "treats" have moved into another universe of delight altogether. Calorific as heck, but, hey, life is short!
Use the recipe on the back of the original cereal box and just substitute any crunchy cereal! Great to pop in your bag when going somewhere and you don't know if there will be a munchy that's "safe". Carry these and some GF pretzels along as well as some fruit if it's going to be a long day with breaks and meals. The annual Sacred Harp convention, which is on today's agenda, includes the trad "dinner on the grounds., with the equally-trad fried chicken, etc but you can be pretty sure there will be some ham and other things in the "safety zone," When dessert-time rolls around, it's nice to have something of your own to eat and not feel left-out, so the treats and the fruit will "do it for you."
I have looked at the ingredients in the new Tesco GF bread and am going to try and duplicate it in my kitchen. Wonder how many doorstops I will bake up before I get it right????

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dead squash

Half my squash plants have died. This is a major disappointment. I think there is a problem with that corner. We planted corn in there last year, and it didn't do so well, either. Also, two of the cukes have died. Oddly, the one in between the two that have bit the dust is doing find, but no cukes, so far. The tomatoes are kicking butt.
Live and learn.