Saturday, July 18, 2009

drugstore renovation and school lunches

One of the local institutions, Carter Drugs, has done a renovation. I guess I need to drop by and see if they have a) restored the "old" look or just done more "modernization."
I hate to sound like an old f*** but, when I was a kid, the downtown drugstores still had those great little black-and-white, octagonal tiles and the "ice-cream parlour" chairs and tables...and they ALL had an ice-cream parlour! My doctor used to give me a "prescription" for "one big, chocolate ice-cream cone" and we'd go to the drugstore and get it. (nice doctor!!!)
We shall stay tuned.
Made it through a week of "art camp" lunches without getting gluttened.
I do wonder what's in the hot-dogs, though. I guess I should have checked, but I melt before a cheap, nasty, chemical-filled hot dog, even without the bun. (the GF buns I had in the fridge and took along the first week, were AWFUL. I threw them out when I came home.)
I have leftovers around here up the wazoo from all the eating-out I did this week. Lunch today will be leftover ribs from Grumble's, leftover coleslaw from the Ranch, and there's something else in there, I forget what. My fridge is a jumble of little styrofoam "go plates."

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Rambling Round said...

No soda fountain there, but the new floor has black and white tiles. Great gift shop!