Friday, August 21, 2009

bread mixes

I am really grateful to have discovered "Bob's Red Mill" line of flours and mixes. I did the "homemade" bread mix this week and it's lovely - makes a great sandwich without having to toast it to keep it from falling apart (big complaint with most GF breads!)
The neat thing that happened with this one was the way it got baked! I had just started it in the oven when the power went out. A call to the electric company revealed that we'd be out for about 4 hours...what to do? I used my gas grill!!! No has a lid and closes up, so I turned the flame on low, popped the loaf in, closed the lid and crossed my fingers. After the requisite cooking-time passed, I tested it...nice, springy top! PERFECTLY-DONE loaf! I am amazed! Nice to know that this works. SOMEWHERE in my camping junk I have one of those little Coleman ovens that fits on top of the camp stove, but I have no idea where it is! Guess I need to devote some time to finding it, but, it's nice to know my ad-lib method works so well! The grill is small enough to pack along for camping!
There's nothing quite so lovely as a hot slice of fresh, just-out-of-the-oven bread with some real butter on it!

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