Friday, August 14, 2009

Genius Bread

"Genius Bread" is a new item featured at the UK's "Tesco" supermarkets. Having read rave reviews on the Yahoo GF support forum, I was itching to try it once I get to London and was thinking in terms of hauling some back. Now, here comes one of the sunny sides of signing up for a company's email notifications: it can now be purchased online and they ship to the US!!!! I have ordered two loaves as well as another company's biscottes, aka "rusks" "Melba toasts." It will be nice to have sandwiches back in my life as well as something closer to "real" biscottes for my brie.
Still loving the Keurig more daily, especially since I can use my own coffee in the little "My K-cup" brewer. Haven't tried that one with tea yet. but, let's face it, tea needs to steep.
I keep writing "Genius" to beg them to get with "Whole Foods" and license the bread over here. Most GF breads fall apart unless you toast them. This is ok for most sandwiches I like, as in peanut butter and BLT's, but it would be nice to have a nice, soft sandwich.
The breads as well as other items can be found here:
bon appetit!

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