Saturday, October 10, 2009

some recycling went on

I am fiddling around with re-cycling some things. I figured out how to re-use my Keurig K-cups! I take the aluminum cover off, rinse them carefully, then refill with my own coffee. I cover it tightly with PressnSeal, then pop it back into the brewer cup, lining the hole on the bottom up with the "puncher" inside there and proceed as usual. I awaited a deluge of hot water the first time I tried it, but it worked perfectly. YOu can get a "my own k-cup" gadget with a filter in it that allows this, but it's fun to outwit "the system."
The other is those little "face wash" things that the UK Company "Boots" sell. This is a mix of witch hazel and some essential oils, like Tea Tree, and a little pump sends out a nice, foamy face wash. I've mixed up my own with the w/h, other oils, (like my grapeseed oil) and a little of my "better" bath gels for the sudsing agent. WHOOOSH...foamy face-wash again! I would guess it cost maybe 10¢.