Friday, July 27, 2012

Blogging and dogs

For some reason, every time I try to write a new post, the dogs all land on the bed and start being cuddly.  Hmmm....same when I am trying to talk on the phone, except they add barking.
Loud barking.
So, on the last day of the Horrible Pills..I waited until after lunch, so I could get some nutrition in.  I have to expect that, once this is all over the wt loss is going to slow down significantly and I MIGHT put a pound or so back on, but, I know that, if I stick with the programme, it will eventually come off.  I'm in this for the long haul.
Had a nice little piece of grilled chicken with some rotini and spinach, with a peach for afters.
Not bad.
I look forward to feeling more like exercising.
Big bump tomorrow as I am invited to lunch where I KNOW they'll be serving ribs, already-dressed salads, etc.  Have to do some thinking about which and how much I eat there.  I am going to try to skimp on breakfast and plan on a salad or something for supper.  Maybe that and a fruit bowl  Farmers' Mkt tomorrow, so, stocking up on tomatoes again.  Going to put some up in the freezer....also, as many other vegs as I can.  Because of the drought, produce prices are going 'way up this winter, so, it would help to have some stuff put by.

Monday, July 23, 2012

on the road again

Got such a late start that I had to have a "McBreakfast" but asked for the "Egg McMuffin" without cheese. Got a large oj, which is a lot of points, but, I felt like I needed the sugar.   Fell into the Chipotle "black hole" for lunch, altho did pretty well.  I skipped all the toppings but the steak and the tomato altho I added a serving of guacamole!  Heck, it's good for you.  Came home with only 3 points left for the day, and drank it up in a glass of buttermilk.  Kind of needed the buttermilk, since I was taking the "horse pill" and am trying to avoid the churning-stomach effect that has made me nickname it a "little white bomb."  Guess I will eat a few over my points today.
TEN pounds off, tho.  My whole body feels different.  Stairs are easier and I don't feel so much "padding" between my chest and my arms...ditto my throat.  You can really FEEL it gone.
I was transporting a couple of our rescues to the group that arranges fosters and adoptions.  Two little Basset Hound puppies who were pulled back from the brink of dying of Parvo.  Lovely to see them all healthy and feisty!  I always do the "Birmingham run" on these things, meeting up with a gal from Huntsville who takes them the rest of the way.

Friday, July 20, 2012


A short digression in praise of GINGER!  No, not a friend, but that lovely little spice.  If you have a sick tummy, as I did yesterday, there is nothing like a Ginger brew to settle it back down.  They DO exist in sugar-free versions, but, if I can work it into my points, I prefer real sugar if I'm feeling punk.  I note from the "Reed's" website that they make a "nausea brew" as well as a 55-cal version.  Whatever, it's great ginger beer!  Ginger beer is generally stronger-flavoured than the "ale."  As far as what I can get around here, when I have neglected to stock up on "beer," is the Canada Dry ale.  It's more "gingery" than other brands.
Anyway, aside from settling you tummy, it's very comforting.


ahhh, stuff I've been "squeezing" into everytime they come out of the wash suddenly gliding on without t fuss!!!!  This is awesome news.  The thing is, I can't really tell whether I've lost 10 pounds, or 7.  It's like this, when they weighed me at the ER, I had my jeans and shoes etc on, and it registered 199 (OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!).  I knock off at least 2 pounds for my "gear" (I had very light-wt shoes on...almost ballet-slippers) and basing it on a home-grown "OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN" moment at home a couple of days before. My scale is, unfortunately, never lies.  It will even weigh in "stones" if I want to share this dreadful info with my "London posse."
THIS is revolting!  US or Brit's revolting.
One of the mixed-blessings about being tall is that you  can "get away" with carrying more weight than you should.  The other odd thing is that, the more weight I am carrying, the more height people give me.  When I hit my heaviest weight ever....234 pounds by the time I dropped out of college, up from 145!...people would describe me as "around 6 feet) (I am 5'9" if I stretch.)  When I got it really down, I'd be "given" 5'8".  
How could I have done this to myself???
Oh well, I know very well how...lazy about exercise, eating "not wisely, but too well,: but, I really can't say "over-eating" because I do not, in fact, eat a great deal.  However, it's obvious that my choices were not good and my meals not well-thought-out.   I went to the Chinese buffet with a friend a couple of weeks ago and was barely able to finish my one plate..she was on her third.  She's SKINNY..I'd hate her but she is a wonderful person.  However, when I think about what was ON my plate, which included very greasy LO-mein and a couple of those little donuts...well, there you go. I think I could have made far better choices and even worked in ONE little donut!

DOWN!!! and soup

     As of this morning 7 pounds down!  YAY!  I've been taking "sulfa" meds for a, um, "something" and they really make you a bit queazy.  Last night I was hungry, but just about everything made me want to run, screaming.  SOOOO, here's my standby for a gyppy tummy:  Egg-and-lemon soup.
This is SO easy and SO comforting.  I add rice to it sometimes.
Chicken broth, egg, lemon juice..that's it.  Take some of the broth out and beat the egg with the broth and a little of the lemon juice.  Once the broth is hot, add the egg-broth mix and stir just long enough to thicken a little.  Even if it separates, and I end up with something that looks like egg-drop soup, it's still good, so, not something to worry too much about.  You do want the egg to cook enough to be safe to eat.   I add cooked rice here, as well.  Lemon juice to taste.  Sometimes I like it more "lemony" sometimes a bit less.
    Three points without the rice, six points with a half-cup of cooked rice added.  I based the whole thing on using 1 cup of canned broth, 1 egg and a half-cup of cooked rice.   If you use fat-free broth, it's only 2 points, (for the egg), plus 3 for the rice, if you add that.
When your stomach is "upset" that you have ALL the nasty symptoms, rice gives your gut something to hold on to, as it were, and helps slow down the "other symptom" after you've swallowed the Immodium. (-;
      I find that it is 'way too easy to fall off the wagon if you aren't feeling well, esp if you have a gen-yew-wine ailment going on.  It's important to stick with it as much as possible.  The first time I did WWers,  and lost quite a bit of weight....this was YEARS ago and the plan was somewhat different....I got  a very nasty case of the 'flu.  On the way back from the doctor, I stopped at the grocer's and loaded up on frozen entrées, WWers being the only ones available at the time, bagged salads, and frozen vegs and canned fruit.  I was so determined NOT to fall off!  It worked!  Same thing when I broke my back!  A friend went and did the shopping for me that time, and I lost 10 pounds while lying around convalescing, so, anything is possible.
     That I have to go back to losing it again is my own damned fault.  I got very sloppy about my eating after the Big Break and other word for it.  Consequently, my weight shot back up.  It's ridiculous, since, the more weight OFF the less pain I have from my back, not to mention the condition of my leg.
     Just this 7 pounds made a huge difference.  I noticed last night, coming up the steps to my porch that I climbed up with much less effort!
    This is so worth doing!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another black hole

Really have to plan ahead for THIS one!  
Going over to "Yarnhouse Studio" ( check it out...great shop!!)  to take a class on knitting sox toe-up...the "black hole" has to do with the wonderful eating-places surrounding this shop!  There's a cheesecake  bakery, a GREAT Italian place..and more.   Then there are the snacks provided.  Hoo-boy!  Really need to come up with a strategy for this trip!  Inevitably,  everybody wants to go "get something" after the class, so, I have to either say "no" and eat something I've brought, or think about what I can have from the menus.  The Italian place does a nice mini-pizza with a very, very thin crust, so, that might work...with lots of veggies.  Will have to see.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fresh Market=obstacle course

Some places are just one black hole after another.  It took some doing, but, I managed NOT to get sucked in to the following: mini pot-pies, egg-potato salad, pasta salad, big, fat blueberry scone...and a few smaller goodies.  One thing about knowing you have good things to eat at home is that it helps you pass by the 'mines' without getting blown up.  I also have two boxes of cranberry-orange scones that I got for Miss Christine sitting in the kitchen and SO FAR have not swiped even ONE, with the excuse I could use being that they are MINI-scones.  Yeah, maxi-calories.  One of the things you learn with any sensible eating-plan is to watch out for foods that max out your calories/points etc without filling you up or providing any other nutritional plus: why choose a small thing that will leave you hungry for more, for, say 200 calories, or 4 or 5 points, when you could choose something more filling and nutritious for the same "expenditure."  This whole thing is really about using your head when it comes to choosing what to eat.

Is this not temptation-PLUS?  You have to PLAN on eating this kind of thing!!!

Another wise move is to eat lunch or a snack BEFORE you enter a grocery store, esp a place like Fresh Market that is crammed with cool stuff to eat, many of them finger-foods you can carry out to the car and cram down your gullet all the way home.  Mine-field!!!  Also good is to make a list of what you actually NEED so you don't walk out of there with a lot of "fun stuff," This helps with sticking to a budget, as well.

Tools...serious and otherwise

Some things are really "musts" if you get serious about cooking creatively.   If you are cooking for one or two, you really need to check out stuff that will make this task easier!
 I have two big marble slabs that  are the best things on earth for rolling out pastry, since they stay cool.   You can get one pretty cheaply (usually around 6 bucks) at home-supply stores like Lowe's and Home Depot, instead of buying one thru one of those fancy-schmanzy kitchen-equipment places.

 I got a marble rolling-pin recently, but am saving it to cold-press linen, altho that might land in the "use it in the kitchen" soon.  I've found that I just don't weave with linen much, preferring the linen-cotton blends. The temptation to use it in the kitchen is just too, too much.  I have a wonderful old wooden pin that I best thing.   I got mine from

 A small food processor is also a great thing for doing small amts of foods.  The big one is kind of overkill and a lot more cleaning-effort involved.   My little "Black and Decker" is old as the hills, but, I think it's still available.  Pretty much a one-note pony, but it will do the job on most stuff.
If you are a coffee-lover, a burr-grinder is the nicest thing you can do for yourself!  They don't generate heat while grinding, meaning that the oils in the coffee-beans aren't affected.  I got the "Kitchen Aid" for the "cute's made to look like the classic Kitchen Aid mixers!

At some point, a conversation about pasta makers.  I have the attachment for my KA mixer, but have yet to try it.  I ended up with a lot of packaged pasta and am trying to use it up.  Just about there!!!
Oh, yeah, if you feel like it and have the funds, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer is the ultimate treat for you and your kitchen!  I am devoted to mine!  I had gotten a GE knockoff ages ago, but NOTHING comes up to the Kitchen Aid!!!
Lastly, a Krupps egg-cooker!  If you love soft-boiled or poached eggs, and want them perfect every time without having to hover, these are wonderful little gadgets! 

 I try to stick with Krups and Black and Decker.  Krups' customer service amazed me a couple of years ago when I realized that the carafe from my little 4-cup drip-brewer was MIA following a move.  They had made this up about 20 years ago for a "Gevalia" promotion, and I despaired of replacing it, as I did not see anything CLOSE to that model on their website.  I called them nevertheless and asked, and, much to my delight and astonishment, they said that, oh, yes, they still provided the parts for that model!  This is HIGHLY unusual, to me, anyway, having had companies respond differently about models of their products that were as little as five years out of production.  Any company that supports anything they ever sold HAS to be terrific.  I've had similar service with Black and Decker.

coffee yummers

A great addition to your coffee is to grind your beans with a Cardamom seed tossed in.  Adds a lovely "lift" to your cuppa and you will NEVER miss the cream and sugar!  This is a Middle-Eastern style of making coffee and worth trying.  I picked it up from an "ex" who is Armenian.
 And, it's in my favourite cup...I started accumulating the Johnson Brothers' discontinued pattern, "Rose Chintz" after inheriting a small set.  I had admired it when I saw a set in NY and one of my cousins also has an inherited set.  Johnson Brothers was bought out some time back by Wedgewood, and, why they don't put this pattern back into production is a mystery.  It continues to be hugely-popular, judging from the action at ebay and ""  The "chintz" pattern comes in blue or pink, but, most of us seem to prefer the pink.
Anyway, give the cardamom a try!!!

freezer planning

what next for the freezer?  I've been thinking about more stuff to keep me from impluse-eating...thinking about making up some one-serving noodle dishes.  The one time I tried one of those programmes where you buy your week's food at one of their centres, there were a few I really liked and a chicken-and-noodle dish was one of them.  Thought I'd make up a batch of that, as well as a "light" cheesecake to freeze in low-point sizes.  I like something sweet after a meal, but find I just need a LITTLE nosh, not a whole, huge slice of cake of pie.  As to eating out, which is usually where I fall victim to these treats, I am thinking in two ways: a way to bring most of it home and divide it into "less-threatening" serving-sizes or, bring along my own 'afters."  "Olive Garden" has the most delightful little mini-desserts and I think I might try and duplicate some of those, but whittle down the fats.  I did a version of the lemon dessert a while ago and it was very, very good, but pretty high-calorie, albeit small.  I'm sure I can come up with something.  I am thinking of using the "Dr Oetkers" mixes, which are low.
"On the road again" today, but, in-between meal-times, so, should be reasonably-safe.  Going to swing by "Earthfare" for some good milk from a regional dairy..."Working Cows Dairy"...which is minimally-pasteurised and NOT homogenized, so the cream, even on the low-fat versions, rises to the top..which is kind of fun!  Delish milk, as well.  The taste difference is subtle, but, it DOES taste better!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Creamed Chipped Beef/ lower-point version

This recipe is my copyright and cannot be used without permission.  Commercial use prohibited.

Creamed Chipped Beef
5 servings, 3 points each

4 oz Armour Chipped Beef, cut into small pieces
1 Tbsp unsalted butter (the beef is very, very salty)

1/4 cup(s) all-purpose flour
2 cup(s) 2% reduced fat milk

dash ground nutmeg

pinch Mustard Powder

A small amount of white wine ( about 1 oz) does not effect the points.

pepper to taste when served

In a medium saucepan, melt the butter and add the beef.  Let cook briefly, but do not brown.  In a separate container, mix the flour into a small amount of the milk and whisk until dissolved, then add the rest of the milk.  Pour the milk-flour mixture into the saucepan and stir constantly until the milk has thickened.  Add the mustard and nutmeg, but do not use pepper until serving, as fresh pepper tastes better.
divide evenly into five small freezer containers and freeze for a quick breakfast or light supper.
I like to serve this over a small Ciabatta roll, sliced in half and lightly-toasted.  Add three points.  Also good served "Benedict" style poured over a poached egg on the bread...add 2 more points for that version.

Getting going

Made pancakes with the "banty-hen" eggs.
It's SOOOO tiny!
Anyway, nice to have a one-serving recipe of pancakes that were not overwhelmingly EGGY.
Also gave me a chance to test-drive the mango jam, which was scrumptious. (And I use a LOT less sugar than the recipes suggest when I make my jams! I tend to use recipes as "suggestions" anyway, and do my own thing with it! You really get to taste the FRUIT that way!)  OK, OK, I used "rings" for the pancakes.  More to wash up, but, nice to look at on your plate.  I'm finding that a lot of eating properly involves really taking time with food.  Cooking "from scratch" when you have time to do it, changes your attitude to eating it and presentation, ingredients, etc. goes a long way towards curbing the "binge factor" with eating.  When I use one of the convenience entrées, like a WWers or "Lean Cuisine" etc, I tend to just shovel it down, then, go looking for something else.  Happily, I am keeping plenty of fruit around these days,  so have my "fun" eating with those when I've had to use a quickie-meal.
Don't know why attractive presentation makes you feel fuller, faster, but it does.
A lavish 9 points for breakfast, so need to plan the rest of the day accordingly, knowing that I am going to want a munch around 4...maybe it's my English genes or something (race-memory?  My grandparents being the most recent immigrants...others further back) craving "tea?"  If you plan for these things, much less stress involved!

day late and dollar short?

well, maybe not a "dollar short," but, late.
Obviously. nobody is reading this, but, imagining that somebody is helps me keep it up, and, after all, this is an aid to staying on-programme with this regime, so........
Good day yesterday, in spite of all the cooking going on.  I had a spending-spree at Wallyworld, involving getting one of those great cast-iron  pots with the enamel coatings, like "Le Creuset" etc and a proper processing-pot...the old "granite" blue pots. The enamel pot was one I've needed for ages, since I had no really large, deep pot in my supplies.  I was using the electric skillet, which was merely ok, since you can't control the heat in that thing very well.  Cooking something like jam or thick soups means having spatters of whatever it is decorating the wall, counter-top and anything else near the skillet.  Alternate was my crock-pot, which is a little small for making a large batch of anything for the freezer.
 Made up the green-tomato jam.  After reading a lot of fiddly recipes involving letting it sit around for hours between steps, I said "to heck with it" and went with my guts.  I KNOW how to make jam, so just went ahead, and it turned out great.  I used 5 pounds of tomatoes and about 4 cups of sugar.  I added two sliced lemons, squeezed two more into the batch, two cinnamon sticks and a shot of brandy.  Turned out great...even heavenly!  
Once I washed the pot out, I got going on the tomato-vegetable soup!   LOTS of nice, slightly-over-ripe tomatoes, a large green pepper, a large Vidalia onion went in there, with beef-broth, about five carrots in thick slices and a container of frozen spinach.  (I often go with fresh, but I wanted to use this up).  I seasoned it with garlic, arugala, basil, cinnamon sticks, a sliced lemon and I grated a small apple into it. It's really good and ended up making 11 servings, which I divided up and popped into the freezer.  Most of my cooking is the "eyeball" variety.  I use recipes more as "suggestions," so, anybody who asks me for proportions is out of luck.

whine du jour

Google blogging stinks...I had written up yesterday's pics and, having confidentally hit "save" I exited in order to reboot the computer (installed a bit of software).  Back to the blog, and GONE.  No way to find it.  PLUS, I had tried a new format and now cannot get back the original...which had all those options listed.
Looking though various "google' stuff, it is scary how much personal info Google already has and how much MORE they want.
Be aware!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

back in the groove

      The whole idea of getting "back on track" with a "normal" meal if you've blown it seems to have a good psychological effect.  If you don't, then you get onto a roll and DOWN you go.  So, today was back into following the plan, having gotten back to it last night.  Puffins for breakfast, and milk, for a total of 5 points.  The last of the roast as a mini-sandwich,  and another bowl of the lovely soup for lunch, with some watermelon for 9 points, the watermelon being enjoyed both by me and M. Cédric. (Ceddie cares nothing about points or calories.)  Offered some to Teddy, who licked it, then looked at me as if to say, "so?"


         Got me some banty-hen eggs at the market this morning! YAY!  These are great for making a one-person recipe for pancakes or something.  I don't end up either wasting half (or more) of the batter or having very, very "eggy" pancakes.  They're also lovely for a little one-point snack, hard-boiled, or, deviled, make a cute little party munchie. Also got a BIG basket of green tomatoes, to make some green-tomato marmalade, then bought two big bags of lemons to do some lemon-curd, or maybe some lemon marmalade...with mint.  That would be lovely.  More ripe tomatoes for more soup.

Friday, July 13, 2012

"away from home redux"

Blew it.  Word to the wise: next time, pack my own lunch.  Ended up so hungry that I got a coffee cake from Starbucks.  Result: 10 points in the hole.....ouch. The big issue there being, given where I was driving, there was no choice between: fast food or park, get out, order at a table and take forever to get something....even take-out ops were kind of limited.  The thing is, if you get really, really hungry, then you will eventually grab whatever is Starbucks...and take whatever they have left in the larder.  Bad situation to let yourself get into.
The important thing is to get RIGHT BACK on-track.  I came home and pulled a Lean Cuisine out of the fridge and had that with some unsweetened applesauce for dessert.   If you dwell on an "oops" it can wreck the whole thing, so, you just chalk it up, remind yourself about all those "extra points" you are allowed for the week, and come up with a better plan for the next round!!!
Publix had a lot of the about-to-be-discontinued LC's on sale for $2 each, so I stocked up, also got some sliced ham...SANDWICH STUFF!!!

the 'away from home" challenge

OK, big pitfall coming up! I will be "on the road" most of the day so need to plan for lunch as well as a "road munchie."  I have some baked, fat-free cheese-puffs that I bought at "Earthfare" in one-serving bags, some cherries, and need to figure out what I can get for lunch without falling off the wagon.  I find I really need "munchies" when I'm driving, so, need to plan for that so I don't end up with something that knocks me off-course.
Weight Watchers, OF COURSE, have not bothered to update the listings for "Starbucks" so I have had to add them manually, using the nutrition page from Starbucks.   Surprising results for some of the "Bistro Boxes."  The "Cheese and Fruit," box is a surprising 13 points, with the "chicken wrap" coming in at 7.  All but one are under 400 calories, tho, if one is counting those.  Not a bad deal at all if you are on the road, but, not all the locations have them and they tend to run out pretty fast.  Checked out "Chipotle" offerings, but, I think that is something for down the road a ways, when I feel like I can safely eat the "extra points" for a treat one day.  Until I get this regime back into a habit, I am trying to avoid the "extras."  
I can already feel a difference in my body, with 7 pounds off.  My arms feel like the "fit better."  That is hard to explain, but, I can definitely feel that there is a little less "volume" between my arms and my body.  
I definitely prefer the word "regime" to "diet.'  In the first place, as most of us have found out the hard way, "diets" don't work.  The biggest problem with "diets," especially the gimmicky ones, like Atkins, etc, is that, sooner or later...usually hit the "restaurant wall" where you are sitting there and there is little on the menu that you can actually have, bar vegetables or salad.   This happens with most "gimmick" diets.  The thing about a sensible plan like Weight Watchers, or just watching calories and fats etc, is that you can work just about any situation into your life.  Their restaurant lists on the food-tracker are a bit limited and not up-to-date, but, you can go to the restaurants' "nutrition" page and enter the info manually, as I just did with "Starbuck's."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

more blueberries....

In the process of shifting the contents of the old chest-freezer I find I really probably don't need to grocery-shop except dairy and fresh produce for many weeks!!!
I also found the freezer part of my ice-cream maker.  HAD to celebrate by making some blueberry sherbert.  LOVELY.  Now, thinking about some mango.  I ran across a large bag of frozen mango chunks at the bottom of the old freezer.  That freezer will now be dedicated to long-term stuff and bags of ice.
Nice to be able to FIND things again!
Also nice to be able to make my own treats, using "Splenda" or "Equal" instead of sugar....saves a few calories.

"store-boughten" vs DIY

Bought a loaf of bread recently at the local grocery.  Normally I bake my own or buy from the bakery-section at Earthfare.  It's like eating CAKE, it tastes so sweet!  I find almost ALL mass-produced bread  is like that.  On a "waste-not-want-not" issue, I am going to finish it off, eventually, but remind myself next time that it is NOT a great sandwich, or even toast.  Ditto "bought" mayo.  Aside from the PRICE of a jar of the stuff, here comes more sugar.  At least, when I make my own mayo, I KNOW that the ingredients are all high-quality and NO sugar, and it only costs me a couple of bucks (if that..I haven't really worked it out.  I paid & 3.79 for the bottle of good-quality oil, which will make about four batches of mayo, and, figuring in the egg -fresh- and the lemon-juice, $2 seems about right.) worth of ingredients, instead of FIVE bucks, which is the average price for the same amount at the store!  Same story with my jams:  I figure, including the jars,  it costs less than a dollar a jar to make excellent jam.  If I am recycling jars, it's even less.  You DO have to buy new lids.  NEVER recycle the lids!  The seal won't be correct.  Rings are ok, as long as they aren't rusted or dented.

Day three

Made it thru the first two days!!!  the "chunky" bars are still in the "treat drawer," and untouched and uneaten.  I plan on planning one of those!  Thinking about breakfast....maybe Puffins?  I LOVE Puffins cereals..lots of fibre, 1 gram fat, 3 points and fun to eat either with milk, or just as a crunchy snack.  The thing is, the dogs love them, too, so it ends up being a crunchy-snack orgy.  Miss Daisy eschews most crunchies, from legit dog-treats to the cereal munchies...she wants some of that roast beef or chicken she KNOWS I have in the fridge.  She will settle for some expensive, aged cheddar, as well.  Smart dog.  I also once had a couple of kitties who went on a hunger strike until I caved and got some of the turkey out of the fridge for them.
yeah, I think Puffins.  
I've made a lot of delicious jams lately, the most recent being mango, but, they tend to lose a little of the "temptation factor" after you spend so much time and effort making them.  Mostly they will sit around until Xmas when they make great gifts.  The mango was an experiment that worked out!  I had bought two big packs of mango-slices that were marked down to about a dollar each at Winn-Dixie.  Too good to pass up, I thought, since it appeared that there were at least three mango's worth of slices.  Tasting one, I realized the were marked down because they were seriously NOT ripe.  However, with a little extra sugar, they boiled down to lovely jam.
Anyway, planning today on more of my lovely veggie soup, the rest of the roast for middday, then an omelet for supper.  I am still thinking I need to wait on an all-clear and advise from my doctor about what exercise and can and can NOT do safely.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

chunky bars

this is heaven as candy...thick milk chocolate with peanuts and raisins in it.  Well, depends on your point of view, I guess.  FIVE massive points for 1/4 of the giant bar.
I can live with that... sure-cure for the blahs..... better than drugs.
Make room for the occasional "chunky!"

day one

8 points for breakfast.  Need to plan the rest of the day to avoid pitfalls.  I have my lean roast, some entrées, fruit, veggies. SPending the morning with the leg in the air, then plan to hit the "Y" then go get Sam, THEN back to sticking my leg in the air.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

blogging health

This blog is now going to be turned over to a diary of getting back to healthy.  Following a long convalescence from TWO back-breaks and a ruptured disk, I got into some very, very lazy habits.  Clinical depression does not help.
WAKE-UP CALL:  I..******I****** have a varicose vein.  It's deep, at least, and not one of those nasty, ugly, ropey things.  Still, it hurts, and it's dangerous.  I have really let myself go!
First day back on did WWers...pretty well with it.  I have bought a new freezer and am going to put up a lot of DIY "Lean Cuisine"-type entrées and will no longer have the excuse of hating to stand on my head, and pull everything OUT of the little chest-type freezer to find something.  I can keep long-term items in there.
I made a delish tomato soup today!  NO fat involved!  I used a bunch of tomatoes I got a "deal" on over in Camden and added carrots, peppers, LOTS of garlic and spinach.  Grated a half an apple into it and used some beef broth.  have about five servings of it to go straight into the new freezer.  Also cooked up a little beef roast.  
This is entirely my own fault and intend to call all my resources to muster.