Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another black hole

Really have to plan ahead for THIS one!  
Going over to "Yarnhouse Studio" ( check it out...great shop!!)  to take a class on knitting sox toe-up...the "black hole" has to do with the wonderful eating-places surrounding this shop!  There's a cheesecake  bakery, a GREAT Italian place..and more.   Then there are the snacks provided.  Hoo-boy!  Really need to come up with a strategy for this trip!  Inevitably,  everybody wants to go "get something" after the class, so, I have to either say "no" and eat something I've brought, or think about what I can have from the menus.  The Italian place does a nice mini-pizza with a very, very thin crust, so, that might work...with lots of veggies.  Will have to see.

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Nancy C said...

well, ended up NOT going due to various "situations" around the house.
Just as well, since the new meds I am on were making me so drowsy I almost fell asleep on my feet. It was like having narcolepsy! Less so, today, and I note from the forum comments that this happens, then wears off as you body and brain adjust to it. Just to be totally up-front, it's Cymbalta. Like many people, I suffer from clinical depression and need SOMETHING. My old tried-and-true, Wellbutrin, started having some nasty side-effects, like muscle spasms, difficulty swallowing and developing a stammer. scary. Hope this settles in and works. It ain't easy, and I hope anybody else out there experiencing this gets the appropriate help, as well.