Friday, July 13, 2012

the 'away from home" challenge

OK, big pitfall coming up! I will be "on the road" most of the day so need to plan for lunch as well as a "road munchie."  I have some baked, fat-free cheese-puffs that I bought at "Earthfare" in one-serving bags, some cherries, and need to figure out what I can get for lunch without falling off the wagon.  I find I really need "munchies" when I'm driving, so, need to plan for that so I don't end up with something that knocks me off-course.
Weight Watchers, OF COURSE, have not bothered to update the listings for "Starbucks" so I have had to add them manually, using the nutrition page from Starbucks.   Surprising results for some of the "Bistro Boxes."  The "Cheese and Fruit," box is a surprising 13 points, with the "chicken wrap" coming in at 7.  All but one are under 400 calories, tho, if one is counting those.  Not a bad deal at all if you are on the road, but, not all the locations have them and they tend to run out pretty fast.  Checked out "Chipotle" offerings, but, I think that is something for down the road a ways, when I feel like I can safely eat the "extra points" for a treat one day.  Until I get this regime back into a habit, I am trying to avoid the "extras."  
I can already feel a difference in my body, with 7 pounds off.  My arms feel like the "fit better."  That is hard to explain, but, I can definitely feel that there is a little less "volume" between my arms and my body.  
I definitely prefer the word "regime" to "diet.'  In the first place, as most of us have found out the hard way, "diets" don't work.  The biggest problem with "diets," especially the gimmicky ones, like Atkins, etc, is that, sooner or later...usually hit the "restaurant wall" where you are sitting there and there is little on the menu that you can actually have, bar vegetables or salad.   This happens with most "gimmick" diets.  The thing about a sensible plan like Weight Watchers, or just watching calories and fats etc, is that you can work just about any situation into your life.  Their restaurant lists on the food-tracker are a bit limited and not up-to-date, but, you can go to the restaurants' "nutrition" page and enter the info manually, as I just did with "Starbuck's."

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