Friday, July 13, 2012

"away from home redux"

Blew it.  Word to the wise: next time, pack my own lunch.  Ended up so hungry that I got a coffee cake from Starbucks.  Result: 10 points in the hole.....ouch. The big issue there being, given where I was driving, there was no choice between: fast food or park, get out, order at a table and take forever to get something....even take-out ops were kind of limited.  The thing is, if you get really, really hungry, then you will eventually grab whatever is Starbucks...and take whatever they have left in the larder.  Bad situation to let yourself get into.
The important thing is to get RIGHT BACK on-track.  I came home and pulled a Lean Cuisine out of the fridge and had that with some unsweetened applesauce for dessert.   If you dwell on an "oops" it can wreck the whole thing, so, you just chalk it up, remind yourself about all those "extra points" you are allowed for the week, and come up with a better plan for the next round!!!
Publix had a lot of the about-to-be-discontinued LC's on sale for $2 each, so I stocked up, also got some sliced ham...SANDWICH STUFF!!!

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