Tuesday, July 10, 2012

blogging health

This blog is now going to be turned over to a diary of getting back to healthy.  Following a long convalescence from TWO back-breaks and a ruptured disk, I got into some very, very lazy habits.  Clinical depression does not help.
WAKE-UP CALL:  I..******I****** have a varicose vein.  It's deep, at least, and not one of those nasty, ugly, ropey things.  Still, it hurts, and it's dangerous.  I have really let myself go!
First day back on did WWers...pretty well with it.  I have bought a new freezer and am going to put up a lot of DIY "Lean Cuisine"-type entr√©es and will no longer have the excuse of hating to stand on my head, and pull everything OUT of the little chest-type freezer to find something.  I can keep long-term items in there.
I made a delish tomato soup today!  NO fat involved!  I used a bunch of tomatoes I got a "deal" on over in Camden and added carrots, peppers, LOTS of garlic and spinach.  Grated a half an apple into it and used some beef broth.  have about five servings of it to go straight into the new freezer.  Also cooked up a little beef roast.  
This is entirely my own fault and intend to call all my resources to muster.

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