Tuesday, July 17, 2012

coffee yummers

A great addition to your coffee is to grind your beans with a Cardamom seed tossed in.  Adds a lovely "lift" to your cuppa and you will NEVER miss the cream and sugar!  This is a Middle-Eastern style of making coffee and worth trying.  I picked it up from an "ex" who is Armenian.
 And, it's in my favourite cup...I started accumulating the Johnson Brothers' discontinued pattern, "Rose Chintz" after inheriting a small set.  I had admired it when I saw a set in NY and one of my cousins also has an inherited set.  Johnson Brothers was bought out some time back by Wedgewood, and, why they don't put this pattern back into production is a mystery.  It continues to be hugely-popular, judging from the action at ebay and "replacements.com."  The "chintz" pattern comes in blue or pink, but, most of us seem to prefer the pink.
Anyway, give the cardamom a try!!!

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