Monday, July 16, 2012

day late and dollar short?

well, maybe not a "dollar short," but, late.
Obviously. nobody is reading this, but, imagining that somebody is helps me keep it up, and, after all, this is an aid to staying on-programme with this regime, so........
Good day yesterday, in spite of all the cooking going on.  I had a spending-spree at Wallyworld, involving getting one of those great cast-iron  pots with the enamel coatings, like "Le Creuset" etc and a proper processing-pot...the old "granite" blue pots. The enamel pot was one I've needed for ages, since I had no really large, deep pot in my supplies.  I was using the electric skillet, which was merely ok, since you can't control the heat in that thing very well.  Cooking something like jam or thick soups means having spatters of whatever it is decorating the wall, counter-top and anything else near the skillet.  Alternate was my crock-pot, which is a little small for making a large batch of anything for the freezer.
 Made up the green-tomato jam.  After reading a lot of fiddly recipes involving letting it sit around for hours between steps, I said "to heck with it" and went with my guts.  I KNOW how to make jam, so just went ahead, and it turned out great.  I used 5 pounds of tomatoes and about 4 cups of sugar.  I added two sliced lemons, squeezed two more into the batch, two cinnamon sticks and a shot of brandy.  Turned out great...even heavenly!  
Once I washed the pot out, I got going on the tomato-vegetable soup!   LOTS of nice, slightly-over-ripe tomatoes, a large green pepper, a large Vidalia onion went in there, with beef-broth, about five carrots in thick slices and a container of frozen spinach.  (I often go with fresh, but I wanted to use this up).  I seasoned it with garlic, arugala, basil, cinnamon sticks, a sliced lemon and I grated a small apple into it. It's really good and ended up making 11 servings, which I divided up and popped into the freezer.  Most of my cooking is the "eyeball" variety.  I use recipes more as "suggestions," so, anybody who asks me for proportions is out of luck.

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