Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day three

Made it thru the first two days!!!  the "chunky" bars are still in the "treat drawer," and untouched and uneaten.  I plan on planning one of those!  Thinking about breakfast....maybe Puffins?  I LOVE Puffins cereals..lots of fibre, 1 gram fat, 3 points and fun to eat either with milk, or just as a crunchy snack.  The thing is, the dogs love them, too, so it ends up being a crunchy-snack orgy.  Miss Daisy eschews most crunchies, from legit dog-treats to the cereal munchies...she wants some of that roast beef or chicken she KNOWS I have in the fridge.  She will settle for some expensive, aged cheddar, as well.  Smart dog.  I also once had a couple of kitties who went on a hunger strike until I caved and got some of the turkey out of the fridge for them.
yeah, I think Puffins.  
I've made a lot of delicious jams lately, the most recent being mango, but, they tend to lose a little of the "temptation factor" after you spend so much time and effort making them.  Mostly they will sit around until Xmas when they make great gifts.  The mango was an experiment that worked out!  I had bought two big packs of mango-slices that were marked down to about a dollar each at Winn-Dixie.  Too good to pass up, I thought, since it appeared that there were at least three mango's worth of slices.  Tasting one, I realized the were marked down because they were seriously NOT ripe.  However, with a little extra sugar, they boiled down to lovely jam.
Anyway, planning today on more of my lovely veggie soup, the rest of the roast for middday, then an omelet for supper.  I am still thinking I need to wait on an all-clear and advise from my doctor about what exercise and can and can NOT do safely.

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