Friday, July 20, 2012

DOWN!!! and soup

     As of this morning 7 pounds down!  YAY!  I've been taking "sulfa" meds for a, um, "something" and they really make you a bit queazy.  Last night I was hungry, but just about everything made me want to run, screaming.  SOOOO, here's my standby for a gyppy tummy:  Egg-and-lemon soup.
This is SO easy and SO comforting.  I add rice to it sometimes.
Chicken broth, egg, lemon juice..that's it.  Take some of the broth out and beat the egg with the broth and a little of the lemon juice.  Once the broth is hot, add the egg-broth mix and stir just long enough to thicken a little.  Even if it separates, and I end up with something that looks like egg-drop soup, it's still good, so, not something to worry too much about.  You do want the egg to cook enough to be safe to eat.   I add cooked rice here, as well.  Lemon juice to taste.  Sometimes I like it more "lemony" sometimes a bit less.
    Three points without the rice, six points with a half-cup of cooked rice added.  I based the whole thing on using 1 cup of canned broth, 1 egg and a half-cup of cooked rice.   If you use fat-free broth, it's only 2 points, (for the egg), plus 3 for the rice, if you add that.
When your stomach is "upset" that you have ALL the nasty symptoms, rice gives your gut something to hold on to, as it were, and helps slow down the "other symptom" after you've swallowed the Immodium. (-;
      I find that it is 'way too easy to fall off the wagon if you aren't feeling well, esp if you have a gen-yew-wine ailment going on.  It's important to stick with it as much as possible.  The first time I did WWers,  and lost quite a bit of weight....this was YEARS ago and the plan was somewhat different....I got  a very nasty case of the 'flu.  On the way back from the doctor, I stopped at the grocer's and loaded up on frozen entrées, WWers being the only ones available at the time, bagged salads, and frozen vegs and canned fruit.  I was so determined NOT to fall off!  It worked!  Same thing when I broke my back!  A friend went and did the shopping for me that time, and I lost 10 pounds while lying around convalescing, so, anything is possible.
     That I have to go back to losing it again is my own damned fault.  I got very sloppy about my eating after the Big Break and other word for it.  Consequently, my weight shot back up.  It's ridiculous, since, the more weight OFF the less pain I have from my back, not to mention the condition of my leg.
     Just this 7 pounds made a huge difference.  I noticed last night, coming up the steps to my porch that I climbed up with much less effort!
    This is so worth doing!!!

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