Tuesday, July 17, 2012

freezer planning

what next for the freezer?  I've been thinking about more stuff to keep me from impluse-eating...thinking about making up some one-serving noodle dishes.  The one time I tried one of those programmes where you buy your week's food at one of their centres, there were a few I really liked and a chicken-and-noodle dish was one of them.  Thought I'd make up a batch of that, as well as a "light" cheesecake to freeze in low-point sizes.  I like something sweet after a meal, but find I just need a LITTLE nosh, not a whole, huge slice of cake of pie.  As to eating out, which is usually where I fall victim to these treats, I am thinking in two ways: a way to bring most of it home and divide it into "less-threatening" serving-sizes or, bring along my own 'afters."  "Olive Garden" has the most delightful little mini-desserts and I think I might try and duplicate some of those, but whittle down the fats.  I did a version of the lemon dessert a while ago and it was very, very good, but pretty high-calorie, albeit small.  I'm sure I can come up with something.  I am thinking of using the "Dr Oetkers" mixes, which are low.
"On the road again" today, but, in-between meal-times, so, should be reasonably-safe.  Going to swing by "Earthfare" for some good milk from a regional dairy..."Working Cows Dairy"...which is minimally-pasteurised and NOT homogenized, so the cream, even on the low-fat versions, rises to the top..which is kind of fun!  Delish milk, as well.  The taste difference is subtle, but, it DOES taste better!!

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