Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fresh Market=obstacle course

Some places are just one black hole after another.  It took some doing, but, I managed NOT to get sucked in to the following: mini pot-pies, egg-potato salad, pasta salad, big, fat blueberry scone...and a few smaller goodies.  One thing about knowing you have good things to eat at home is that it helps you pass by the 'mines' without getting blown up.  I also have two boxes of cranberry-orange scones that I got for Miss Christine sitting in the kitchen and SO FAR have not swiped even ONE, with the excuse I could use being that they are MINI-scones.  Yeah, right...mini....STILL maxi-calories.  One of the things you learn with any sensible eating-plan is to watch out for foods that max out your calories/points etc without filling you up or providing any other nutritional plus: why choose a small thing that will leave you hungry for more, for, say 200 calories, or 4 or 5 points, when you could choose something more filling and nutritious for the same "expenditure."  This whole thing is really about using your head when it comes to choosing what to eat.

Is this not temptation-PLUS?  You have to PLAN on eating this kind of thing!!!

Another wise move is to eat lunch or a snack BEFORE you enter a grocery store, esp a place like Fresh Market that is crammed with cool stuff to eat, many of them finger-foods you can carry out to the car and cram down your gullet all the way home.  Mine-field!!!  Also good is to make a list of what you actually NEED so you don't walk out of there with a lot of "fun stuff," This helps with sticking to a budget, as well.

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