Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting going

Made pancakes with the "banty-hen" eggs.
It's SOOOO tiny!
Anyway, nice to have a one-serving recipe of pancakes that were not overwhelmingly EGGY.
Also gave me a chance to test-drive the mango jam, which was scrumptious. (And I use a LOT less sugar than the recipes suggest when I make my jams! I tend to use recipes as "suggestions" anyway, and do my own thing with it! You really get to taste the FRUIT that way!)  OK, OK, I used "rings" for the pancakes.  More to wash up, but, nice to look at on your plate.  I'm finding that a lot of eating properly involves really taking time with food.  Cooking "from scratch" when you have time to do it, changes your attitude to eating it and presentation, ingredients, etc. goes a long way towards curbing the "binge factor" with eating.  When I use one of the convenience entrĂ©es, like a WWers or "Lean Cuisine" etc, I tend to just shovel it down, then, go looking for something else.  Happily, I am keeping plenty of fruit around these days,  so have my "fun" eating with those when I've had to use a quickie-meal.
Don't know why attractive presentation makes you feel fuller, faster, but it does.
A lavish 9 points for breakfast, so need to plan the rest of the day accordingly, knowing that I am going to want a munch around 4...maybe it's my English genes or something (race-memory?  My grandparents being the most recent immigrants...others further back) craving "tea?"  If you plan for these things, much less stress involved!


Jana Turbyfill said...

Your pancakes look wonderful! Our neighbors have bantys, and I keep hoping the hens will mosey on over to our yard and lay eggs! :-)

Nancy C said...

thanks for reading and commenting. I am going to be posting more recipes etc and hoping for more "interactions" with folks out there!