Friday, July 20, 2012


A short digression in praise of GINGER!  No, not a friend, but that lovely little spice.  If you have a sick tummy, as I did yesterday, there is nothing like a Ginger brew to settle it back down.  They DO exist in sugar-free versions, but, if I can work it into my points, I prefer real sugar if I'm feeling punk.  I note from the "Reed's" website that they make a "nausea brew" as well as a 55-cal version.  Whatever, it's great ginger beer!  Ginger beer is generally stronger-flavoured than the "ale."  As far as what I can get around here, when I have neglected to stock up on "beer," is the Canada Dry ale.  It's more "gingery" than other brands.
Anyway, aside from settling you tummy, it's very comforting.

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