Friday, July 20, 2012


ahhh, stuff I've been "squeezing" into everytime they come out of the wash suddenly gliding on without t fuss!!!!  This is awesome news.  The thing is, I can't really tell whether I've lost 10 pounds, or 7.  It's like this, when they weighed me at the ER, I had my jeans and shoes etc on, and it registered 199 (OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!).  I knock off at least 2 pounds for my "gear" (I had very light-wt shoes on...almost ballet-slippers) and basing it on a home-grown "OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN" moment at home a couple of days before. My scale is, unfortunately, never lies.  It will even weigh in "stones" if I want to share this dreadful info with my "London posse."
THIS is revolting!  US or Brit's revolting.
One of the mixed-blessings about being tall is that you  can "get away" with carrying more weight than you should.  The other odd thing is that, the more weight I am carrying, the more height people give me.  When I hit my heaviest weight ever....234 pounds by the time I dropped out of college, up from 145!...people would describe me as "around 6 feet) (I am 5'9" if I stretch.)  When I got it really down, I'd be "given" 5'8".  
How could I have done this to myself???
Oh well, I know very well how...lazy about exercise, eating "not wisely, but too well,: but, I really can't say "over-eating" because I do not, in fact, eat a great deal.  However, it's obvious that my choices were not good and my meals not well-thought-out.   I went to the Chinese buffet with a friend a couple of weeks ago and was barely able to finish my one plate..she was on her third.  She's SKINNY..I'd hate her but she is a wonderful person.  However, when I think about what was ON my plate, which included very greasy LO-mein and a couple of those little donuts...well, there you go. I think I could have made far better choices and even worked in ONE little donut!

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