Monday, July 23, 2012

on the road again

Got such a late start that I had to have a "McBreakfast" but asked for the "Egg McMuffin" without cheese. Got a large oj, which is a lot of points, but, I felt like I needed the sugar.   Fell into the Chipotle "black hole" for lunch, altho did pretty well.  I skipped all the toppings but the steak and the tomato altho I added a serving of guacamole!  Heck, it's good for you.  Came home with only 3 points left for the day, and drank it up in a glass of buttermilk.  Kind of needed the buttermilk, since I was taking the "horse pill" and am trying to avoid the churning-stomach effect that has made me nickname it a "little white bomb."  Guess I will eat a few over my points today.
TEN pounds off, tho.  My whole body feels different.  Stairs are easier and I don't feel so much "padding" between my chest and my arms...ditto my throat.  You can really FEEL it gone.
I was transporting a couple of our rescues to the group that arranges fosters and adoptions.  Two little Basset Hound puppies who were pulled back from the brink of dying of Parvo.  Lovely to see them all healthy and feisty!  I always do the "Birmingham run" on these things, meeting up with a gal from Huntsville who takes them the rest of the way.

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