Thursday, July 12, 2012

"store-boughten" vs DIY

Bought a loaf of bread recently at the local grocery.  Normally I bake my own or buy from the bakery-section at Earthfare.  It's like eating CAKE, it tastes so sweet!  I find almost ALL mass-produced bread  is like that.  On a "waste-not-want-not" issue, I am going to finish it off, eventually, but remind myself next time that it is NOT a great sandwich, or even toast.  Ditto "bought" mayo.  Aside from the PRICE of a jar of the stuff, here comes more sugar.  At least, when I make my own mayo, I KNOW that the ingredients are all high-quality and NO sugar, and it only costs me a couple of bucks (if that..I haven't really worked it out.  I paid & 3.79 for the bottle of good-quality oil, which will make about four batches of mayo, and, figuring in the egg -fresh- and the lemon-juice, $2 seems about right.) worth of ingredients, instead of FIVE bucks, which is the average price for the same amount at the store!  Same story with my jams:  I figure, including the jars,  it costs less than a dollar a jar to make excellent jam.  If I am recycling jars, it's even less.  You DO have to buy new lids.  NEVER recycle the lids!  The seal won't be correct.  Rings are ok, as long as they aren't rusted or dented.

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