Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Fast food meditations....and preserving

The whole "Chik-fil-a" flap made me think about fast-food, generally.  I have a major soft-spot for "Jack's" and "McDonald's" when I decide to go for a fast-food meal!  McD's oatmeal is a really good deal, the "fruit and maple" version is only 6 points and, add milk, and you get a tolerable 8 points.  Our local outlet also puts a REAL fried egg in the "Egg Mcmuffin," which you can ask for without the cheese.  The OJ TASTES fresh-squeezed, altho I asked, and it isn't.   As to a burger, "Jack's" (which seems to be a "Southern Thang"), makes the best fast-food burger I've ever eaten...on  a par with some sit-down restaurants...and great fried-chicken.  Also, HEAVENLY shakes, made the old-fashioned way, from scratch with real ice-cream.  If you are ready to calorie-out, "Jack's" is the place!  The "orange brain-freeze" is a stab at ice-cream heaven.
"Jack's" also makes a version of the Mcmuffin, which they call the "British Biscuit."  (I HAD to take a pic of the sign to give my London friends a giggle.).  You can get that one with really lovely, crisp, bacon slices, which is nice.  Also can request no cheese.  I've noticed they've all quit buttering the muffins, which is good, as it cuts out a major source of fat.
Burger King is really slow to get on the bandwagon...they seem bent on making their offerings worse and worse, in terms of fat and caloires.  Also, their fried items all taste like the oil is slightly rancid, wherever you get them.  I tried the French Toasts a couple of times and threw most out.  I always try something like that twice before I decide it's hopeless.  A must to avoid. 
Wendy's, where you can do pretty well, does great Chili, for a FF item!  It's a modest 7 points for a large, and 5 for a small.
I found that one restaurant in town, "The Downtowner' which already does a great breakfast, has a cook who makes a PERFECT poached egg!  I discovered this when I had wandered in there after two days of a NASTY stomach-bug and that's all I wanted, with some dry toast, and was too drained to cook it myself.  I was so absurdly-thrilled, looking at these two perfectly-cooked poached eggs staring up at me from my plate, that I tipped her $10!  I figured such a rare skill deserved a reward.  Most places around here, if you use the word "poached' just look at you like you ordered something from another civilization, entirely.  Ditto getting milk with your hot tea - HOT tea being another "exotic" choice, to start with.  My Uncle and I both would drink our tea with milk and usually ended up just ordering a side of milk when we'd have breakfast "out."  Of course, actually getting a POT of tea won't happen get a "Lipton's" bag and a cup of hot water.  Oh, well.

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