Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A word from the Daisy

Well, since this blog started I have become head of a pretty large family (sighs deeply).  I have mixed feelings about this, but, my human (MY human..she was MINE FIRST!) got into rescuing dogs and fostering and, apparently, there is this syndrome called "Foster Failure 101" so I am now one of EIGHT "adopted siblings."  It's kind of annoying at times, but, as my human points out, they had no place to go and the alternative was pretty grim, so, I am making the most of it.  At least I have a lot of playmates and we get up to some good mischief together. At least she has declared a  limit to how long a foster can stay now!  They gotta have a "leave-by date" and a good place to go!  I am glad that Teddy, the big one, has outgrown eating her shoes and pillows, since that really ticked her off.  Teddy also rides along with Nancy and me for "car-car" and is pretty good company,  I taught him how to behave in the car!  I'm very proud.  Nancy and I still steal away on our own sometimes.  I love that, esp since I love visiting my friends and flirting.  I get some great belly-rubs.  People are so nice, esp when you let them know how much you like them by throwing yourself on your back at their feet and sticking your legs in the air and being winsome.  
Happy hols, everybody, whatever you are celebrating!
And, here's a recipe Nancy said I should share for home-made dog treats:
stuff to go in the flour like, pureed veggies and meats, bacon crumbles, or peanut butter, carob powder, applesauce, brewer's yeast...anything a pup can safely-eat will work..not all at the same time, of course.
Nancy addes an egg to it all.
Cut into shapes or whatever (your dog will not care much about what shapes they are.  Trust me) and bake on a cookie-sheet at 350º for about 20 minutes..or whenever they get a little browned.  They're a little chewy, but, MAN, are they good!  Healthy, too! We get out treats without a "side' of chemicals.
The carob powder is nice since it tastes like chocolate, which we cannot have, of course.  GREAT in the peanut-butter version.
Now, we just have to teach Macy not to try and eat Nancy's fingers at treat-time.
Some of my adopted sibs not moving

And Jojo and Macy playing "I Bite Choo Face" in the morning.  Will they EVER grow up?

'bye for now
Miss D.

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